Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Power of Intranet Portal Development

Intranet Portal Development
Intranet portal development is a computer network that provides central network link for people working in an organization regardless to the number of users. It helps simplify business operation through central network which increases the work performance and collaboration among employees. Apart from furthering efficiency and collaboration, intranet portal development also ensures information security within the business operation.

Various types of link for intranet portal development are available for application. Alfresco is one with open source that allows any business to use and implement it to their operation, making it useful to the employers in both national and global level. Another link for intranet portal development is I social customization which comes in very affordable price and very handy in enabling great communication.

Life Ray is another link for intranet portal development that is perfect for business collaboration promotion. Since it is an open source, it helps reduce cost of implementation for any changes that could be made afterward. Plus, Life Ray is easy for the employees to use, allows any customization, and lets user to create portlets. To create better communication among employees and customer, ones can also consider jive social business software which offers maintenance and consultation on the website.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Intranet/Portal Redesign: Is It the Time to Do?

intranet redesign
If you are going to achieve success in developing winning strategy for your project, to redesign your intranet or portal can be a good way to start. However, to become successful in such a strategy, it is important to work up front outline and ash yourself why do you need a redesigned or, perhaps, new intranet or portal. Here are a few possible reasons:
  1. Since new platforms only work with new development tools yet you want to move or use the new platform, you will need a redesigned or even a new intranet/portal to keep up with the new standards of evolved development.

  2. A redesigned or new intranet/portal does matter to the improvement of content management. If you are still maintain sites with static html pages or require individual content management, then content distributing management could be your answer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Introduction to Extranet Portals and its Advantages

extranet portals
With extranet portal, you can easily and effectively communicate and coordinate with people in your network, clients, vendors, and affiliates. Making internal company network accessible to public is putting your safety and security in risk.

Extranet portals allow users to maximize their communication ability by exchanging documents, information, ideas, and working on their project. Some of the tools, such as web mail or group calendar, are permitted, but with limitation, for users other than those working in the organization. Since it is a web-based service, extranet can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Determining Intranet Portal Accessibility for your Company

With intranet portal, a company can arrange a private network consists of central access to all information and applications within the company. Providing access an intrarnet portal allows a company to increase work productivity and performance of your employees through online tools' usability, work in coordination among team members and business partners, and customer assistance. When you can access your intranet portal, you will be able to advance your business plan as much as you find it crucial.

Follow the guidances below and find out how to access intranet portal.

Access an Intranet Portal
First of all, figure out what are the requirements of your company in order to achieve business goal by focusing on functionality, performance, accessibility. Next, consult with your stakeholders and sponsors to establish the objective model of your intranet portal.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Set Up Intranet Portal for Medical Office

Have you ever wish to put aside all the information and support demands away to spend more time helping patients? Setting up intranet portal for your medical office by using Microsoft Windows Sharepoint service will help manage your busy office tasks so you can perform your job more effectively.

Intranet Portal for Medical Office

A portal site is created to manage online information and resources into single location where all the physicians ans staff members of the office can easily access. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services template is a portal site particularly designed for medical office.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to Set Up Portals and Intranets

Set Up Portals and IntranetsIntranet, also known as portal, is a website created for usability within an organization. Unlike external website of a business where information is provided only for customers, intranet or internal website is a knowlwdge-base particularly for those who work in a company. Below are steps to successfully set up a portal or intranet website for your business.

1. Obtain permission for intranet website from company's executive or head of administrative department by explaining what are the benefits they could gain by having intranet.

2. Work with your IT department to arrange server space and select a technology to set up your intranet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intranet Portal - Pros and Cons

Intranet Pros and ConsIntranet portal helps connect people in a workplace together and create effective communication which results not only in the reduction of cost and time consuming but also the increase of collaboration, productivity and effectiveness. However, there are also flaws to be considered.

Pros of Intranet Portal
1.Intranet portal helps employees to easily find information they need and increases work performance.
2.Intranet portal provides a single gateway to gather all corporate information and services together making it convenient for employees to access and spend less time to learn how to use the application.
3.With integrating services and personalized presentations when navigating a wide data space provided on Intranet portal, users will be able to browse and obtain the information they need much more easy.