Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Power of Intranet Portal Development

Intranet Portal Development
Intranet portal development is a computer network that provides central network link for people working in an organization regardless to the number of users. It helps simplify business operation through central network which increases the work performance and collaboration among employees. Apart from furthering efficiency and collaboration, intranet portal development also ensures information security within the business operation.

Various types of link for intranet portal development are available for application. Alfresco is one with open source that allows any business to use and implement it to their operation, making it useful to the employers in both national and global level. Another link for intranet portal development is I social customization which comes in very affordable price and very handy in enabling great communication.

Life Ray is another link for intranet portal development that is perfect for business collaboration promotion. Since it is an open source, it helps reduce cost of implementation for any changes that could be made afterward. Plus, Life Ray is easy for the employees to use, allows any customization, and lets user to create portlets. To create better communication among employees and customer, ones can also consider jive social business software which offers maintenance and consultation on the website.