Thursday, April 29, 2010

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal

An intranet portal is a gateway that combines connection to all company information and operations on an intranet. It is a device that asssits a business to better manage data, applications, and operations under personalized views.

Presently some portal solutions can incorporate legacy applications, other portal objects, and a massive requets from users. Intranet portal is also known as enterprise portal among enterprise users.

In 1990s, corporate intranets started obtaining popularity and fastly grew more complicated. Nowsaday intranet portals bring useful potential such as managing work operations, raising collaboration between teams of work and permitting content builders to publish their information.

Microsoft Sharepoint is one of a common example when talking about intranet portal. IIntranett offers various features that are important for cooperation, integration and customization.
To sum up, running an intranet portal project in an organization would be benefitial to everyone, from the head office's CEO to the latest recruit. The intranet site will not only empower and transform your workflows, but it will also enhance the significant contribution of your business competition.