Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Intranet/Portal Redesign: Is It the Time to Do?

intranet redesign
If you are going to achieve success in developing winning strategy for your project, to redesign your intranet or portal can be a good way to start. However, to become successful in such a strategy, it is important to work up front outline and ash yourself why do you need a redesigned or, perhaps, new intranet or portal. Here are a few possible reasons:
  1. Since new platforms only work with new development tools yet you want to move or use the new platform, you will need a redesigned or even a new intranet/portal to keep up with the new standards of evolved development.

  2. A redesigned or new intranet/portal does matter to the improvement of content management. If you are still maintain sites with static html pages or require individual content management, then content distributing management could be your answer.