Friday, December 17, 2010

Set Up Intranet Portal for Medical Office

Have you ever wish to put aside all the information and support demands away to spend more time helping patients? Setting up intranet portal for your medical office by using Microsoft Windows Sharepoint service will help manage your busy office tasks so you can perform your job more effectively.

Intranet Portal for Medical Office

A portal site is created to manage online information and resources into single location where all the physicians ans staff members of the office can easily access. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services template is a portal site particularly designed for medical office.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to Set Up Portals and Intranets

Set Up Portals and IntranetsIntranet, also known as portal, is a website created for usability within an organization. Unlike external website of a business where information is provided only for customers, intranet or internal website is a knowlwdge-base particularly for those who work in a company. Below are steps to successfully set up a portal or intranet website for your business.

1. Obtain permission for intranet website from company's executive or head of administrative department by explaining what are the benefits they could gain by having intranet.

2. Work with your IT department to arrange server space and select a technology to set up your intranet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intranet Portal - Pros and Cons

Intranet Pros and ConsIntranet portal helps connect people in a workplace together and create effective communication which results not only in the reduction of cost and time consuming but also the increase of collaboration, productivity and effectiveness. However, there are also flaws to be considered.

Pros of Intranet Portal
1.Intranet portal helps employees to easily find information they need and increases work performance.
2.Intranet portal provides a single gateway to gather all corporate information and services together making it convenient for employees to access and spend less time to learn how to use the application.
3.With integrating services and personalized presentations when navigating a wide data space provided on Intranet portal, users will be able to browse and obtain the information they need much more easy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

WebSphere Portal Server Launches Composite Applications

A new WebSphere Portal 6.0 named WebSphere Portal Server is introduced by IBM as the latest application for businesses featuring deployment of “composite applications.”

WebSphere Portal ServerThe so-called “composite applications,” also known as custom application, Web applications, Web services, or complex applications, are application that contains many other applications. It is very useful especially for certain stratum of working positions. For example, people in sale department require a number of different software applications like ERP, file system, contact software,etc to assist their job. Composite applications is the answer that gathers all of these applications as one.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Intranet Portal Software

With the use of intranet portal software, it will be easier and more convenient for you to accommodate the growing population of intranet users.

The users will be able to access not only structured and unstructured data resources, but they will also be able to look up for relational and multi-dimensional databases, business reports, news and event information, HTML, Microsoft Office and even Lotus Notes documents.

Intranet Portal Software

Intranet portal is a perfect answer especially for integrated companies hoping to optimize a better performance and leverage in mission-analytical, internal data as well as

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal

An intranet portal is a gateway that combines connection to all company information and operations on an intranet. It is a device that asssits a business to better manage data, applications, and operations under personalized views.

Presently some portal solutions can incorporate legacy applications, other portal objects, and a massive requets from users. Intranet portal is also known as enterprise portal among enterprise users.

In 1990s, corporate intranets started obtaining popularity and fastly grew more complicated. Nowsaday intranet portals bring useful potential such as managing work operations, raising collaboration between teams of work and permitting content builders to publish their information.