Friday, July 16, 2010

WebSphere Portal Server Launches Composite Applications

A new WebSphere Portal 6.0 named WebSphere Portal Server is introduced by IBM as the latest application for businesses featuring deployment of “composite applications.”

WebSphere Portal ServerThe so-called “composite applications,” also known as custom application, Web applications, Web services, or complex applications, are application that contains many other applications. It is very useful especially for certain stratum of working positions. For example, people in sale department require a number of different software applications like ERP, file system, contact software,etc to assist their job. Composite applications is the answer that gathers all of these applications as one.

Presently, 80 percent of new applications have rather developed to be in composite application than traditional ones, no exception to WebSphere Portal Server. WebSphere Portal Server offers latest collaborative attribute and templates created on a services architecture platform orientation which can be deployed, customized, and readopted by others.

Together with the use of Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Intranet portal, users will comfortably be able to reduce loads of administrative works by building and merging content from multi-sources into solutions including financial management, customer service management, and business resource planning.

WebSphere Portal Server gives an ease to customer by offering operational potency and output while connecting people to the right resource at the same time.