Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to Set Up Portals and Intranets

Set Up Portals and IntranetsIntranet, also known as portal, is a website created for usability within an organization. Unlike external website of a business where information is provided only for customers, intranet or internal website is a knowlwdge-base particularly for those who work in a company. Below are steps to successfully set up a portal or intranet website for your business.

1. Obtain permission for intranet website from company's executive or head of administrative department by explaining what are the benefits they could gain by having intranet.

2. Work with your IT department to arrange server space and select a technology to set up your intranet.

3. Collect content. Basic information for new intranet websites consists of employee contact information, orientation documents, objectives of department, shared templates, news, and event information.

4. Create a simple website design. Instead of building a fancy page, focus on gathering useful content and make it easy for employees to access and find the information they want.

5. Promote the site and encourage others to get involve. Make use of the basic communication tools in your organization like news board or email to introduce the intranet website to your employees, let them know what kind of information will be put in there, and tell them how to use it.