Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Determining Intranet Portal Accessibility for your Company

With intranet portal, a company can arrange a private network consists of central access to all information and applications within the company. Providing access an intrarnet portal allows a company to increase work productivity and performance of your employees through online tools' usability, work in coordination among team members and business partners, and customer assistance. When you can access your intranet portal, you will be able to advance your business plan as much as you find it crucial.

Follow the guidances below and find out how to access intranet portal.

Access an Intranet Portal
First of all, figure out what are the requirements of your company in order to achieve business goal by focusing on functionality, performance, accessibility. Next, consult with your stakeholders and sponsors to establish the objective model of your intranet portal.

Then, produce a checklist and polling system for your team members to judge if the functionality of intranet portal meets your requirements. The checklist can be a list of portal functions and regular boxes for your team to tick whether they find the functions useful or not.

To create a common understanding among people in your company, it is also important to make sure that you have invited representative from all departments to join your team, and thank for their help and feedback in bringing the best to develop the intranet portal.

Move on to develop a set of common assignments to your team members individually according to tools and applications that are mostly used or ones that are listed as top priority. Don't forget to inform what you expect them to test and ask them to always keep records of the test for performance checkup.

After that, distribute survey sheets to all the users in your company and ask user focus group to collect opinion from the average users, who usually work on corporate policy, submit and fetch corporate papers, coordinate with co-workers and need assistance on the use of company hardware and software construction.

You can create the questionnaire to follow a 5-level scale consisting Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Agree, Strongly agree, and that will help you examine if the users find the intranet portal useful or not.

Reflect on the best practice for intranet portal in business including, but not limit to, color usage, graphic designs, and interactivity. Then, compare it to your portal and determine if you are able to make use of new methods.

Check with help desk support logs and see if any problems occur within the portal, so that you can report to better the following project. Also, study the usage of statistics of intranet portal and applications that are most used. Looking for popular search terms and pages can help you plan out the development.

Last but not least, always read feedbacks from users as you may gain an overview of trends and potential solutions to either improve or get rid of problems such as old contents or inactive links. Remember to keep report of your findings and work on strategies to mark possible hidden evaluation.